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Twitter: @AngelinaPhebus

I am always looking for feedback, so please  let me know if you have questions or comments. If you are in need of a writer, please get in touch with me. I specialize in freelance blogging, but I also dabble in copywriting, and  I submit articles to magazines and newspapers.


I have written online content beyond this blog for other entities in the past:

"Ten yogic excuses for getting out of almost anything" is a humorous look at how the yogic lifestyle can sound absurd to non-yogis. In the post, I offer ten solid excuses for  getting out of commitments grounded in traditional and Western yogic philosophy.

"Yoga hurts (so good)" details some of the odd physical effects of starting a dedicated yoga practice.

"Reflections from yoga teacher training: What did we learn?" and "Inside Yoga Teacher Training: Ready or not, we are here!" were written for The House of Yogi in San Diego, CA. This is the place where I completed my yoga teacher training. I practice here as often as possible.

"The First Native Alliance Initiative Summit: An Attendee's Perspective" was written for Teach for America's Pass the Chalk blog.