Who am I?

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me!  I'm a freelance writer with experience in many fields. I have an MA in Classical Archaeology and an AB in Classics. Prior to my life as a freelance writer, I taught upper elementary reading for two years on Standing Rock Reservation. Life as a Navy wife has made me somewhat nomadic, but I found time to get my 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certification in the summer of 2016. I use my diverse experiences to craft unique content. Aside from blogging, I ghost-write online, submit work to magazines,  and I work on my first love, fiction, in my free time.

What's the purpose of my blog?

In the blogging world, writers are encouraged to find a niche. I like lots of things, and I didn't want to feel confined to one type of content, but my writing definitely caters to some specific people. Book nerds, military spouses, yogis, entrepreneurs, and creative types may find my blog helpful. 

My goal has always been to inform and entertain. I want my website to be a place where people can come to think and learn, where people can find inspiration to keep moving forward, and where they can realize that it is possible to live out their dreams. I hope that I can share my appreciation for certain aspects of life with you, and that you will come forth with either a greater sense of gratitude in general or a sharpened perspective on the matters I discuss in my posts.

Lots of love to all of you! Thanks for reading!