What else do I do?

If you are curious about my work beyond this blog, then this is the page for you. I have ghostwritten more than 100 articles, but I also work under my byline. I can be funny or matter-of-fact, and my academic background means that I am not afraid to do research. Here are a few of my favorite pieces of online content:

"Separating children from their families is more American than you think," is my take on the connection between modern family separation and Indian Boarding Schools. 

"How cleaning became my meditation" is featured in Elephant Journal. It talks about how I'm turning the act of cleaning into an opportunity for mindfulness. 

"Three common yoga misalignments and how to fix them" puts my knowledge of yoga and anatomy to the test. I discuss three misalignments that I'm guilty of doing, why they're not good to do, and how to fix them. 

“Ten yogic excuses for getting out of almost anything” is a humorous look at how the yogic lifestyle can sound absurd to non-yogis. In the post, I offer ten solid excuses for  getting out of commitments grounded in traditional and Western yogic philosophy.

“Yoga hurts (so good)” details some of the odd physical effects of starting a dedicated yoga practice.

“Reflections from yoga teacher training: What did we learn?” and “Inside Yoga Teacher Training: Ready or not, we are here!” were written for The House of Yogi in San Diego, CA. This is the place where I completed my yoga teacher training. I practice here as often as possible.

“The First Native Alliance Initiative Summit: An Attendee’s Perspective” was written for Teach for America’s Pass the Chalk blog.